Darius and Wayne Snow Stun with the Music Video for Equilibrium

Darius and Wayne Snow take us to a mythical dreamland where everything is a little strange, yet delightful in their music video for “Equilibrium”. The pair have been on a three-year hiatus, since Darius released Utopia and Snow dropped Freedom TV. Their return has been hotly anticipated and one that is surely a welcome sight. With the drop of “Equilibrium”, they mark their return by kicking down the door to our conscious with a whimsical execution that is an exquisite pairing of record and visual aesthetic.

True to form, “Equilibrium” is nothing short of mesmerizing with wonderful design and rich chromatic textures, something that is stylistically common from the works of Darius and Wayne Snow. Yet, there is much more to unpack and offers us a fresh new perspective from the two artists. The record takes listeners to a more-forward punching groove that feels like it draws inspiration from classic disco and funk records, similar to the pairs’ past collaboration, “Lost in the Moment”, but with an extra dose of groove from the bass guitar licks. It spins a raucous feeling of jubilance and joyfulness that you’ll grin from ear to ear. It’s also nearly impossible to not get up and dance or move your head to the beat with “Equilibrium” spinning it’s twirling goodness.

The music video is a tidy exploration of good-natured fun, but with a poignant undertow. Directed by the highly-lauded Parisian, Alice Kong, the visual color and retro feel is exemplary and fits the sonic design of the record like the perfect shirt. The video starts off with a car accident that sees the two actors start fighting, but they get stuck together. It moves forward with the pair stuck, dancing through a charming town where they pick up other characters in their mess of conjoined flailing bodies, which eventually sees all of them melt into a singular blob of color. The strange, psychedelic melting of characters is a bit bizarre, but does provide powerful commentary that despite our cultural differences and other barriers, we can rise above and form connections. In other words, find the equilibrium to be one humanity.

To understand the music video direction, Alice Kong had this to say:

“For the video, I wanted to illustrate with absurdity and extravagance the definition of equilibrium, a state in which opposing forces are perfectly balanced. This concept inspired me to write the surrealist story of characters, who are opposed to each other, who suddenly, at the very moment when a fight breaks out between them, find themselves instantly stuck together. They will then meet other characters with whom they will argue again and reproduce the same absurd phenomenon: they all stick together little by little, until they form a group of 8 people in total imbalance. As their frenzy grows, the group sticks together more and more until they melt into each other and form an impressive organic coloured ball. Rejected by the city, the ball then goes into exile, in search of a new balance. 
I chose to give each character a distinct personality, like little figurines from a fairy tale collection: a fallen bride, a busy businessman, a clumsy tourist, etc. I also had fun using the codes of cartoons: the shots bend, form loops, the points of view are surprising, and the compositions are playful. The choreography, by Lola Rudrauf, sums up the essence of the video with gestures and expressions.”

While the world today feels cold and disjointed with scores of fights and political disharmony, Darius and Wayne Snow are here to remind us that we can thaw the coldness of the world. That is we must find our equilibrium and we can overcome anything.

To watch the music video for “Equilibrium” continue down or follow the link here. You can also stream it below or follow the link here to choose your DSP of choice.




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