Dylan Fraser Gives Us His List Of ‘Songs You Can Cry In Gucci To’

Dylan Fraser is a 19-year-old maximalist trying to navigate the world while making it in the music industry as a young singer and songwriter. The artist considers himself an introvert, communicating best through his music.. Dylan gives off an inspiring yet humble vibe, portraying vulnerability and conversations around anxiety, throughout the process of discovering himself as an artist. The artist is as much of an enthusiast of gentlefolk as he is of high fidelity hip-hop, tying together personal pleasure with his own music style. Dylan’s newest single ‘Gucci Sweater’ is testament to his righteous voyage for artistic fulfillment. The newlyfound heartthrob joins us today to share a playlist curated of ‘Songs You Can Cry In Gucci To.’

Frank Ocean – White Ferrari

“I always listen to this song in Ubers at 2 am driving through London and it’s the closest thing I’ll ever get to a religious experience. It makes me feel some type of way. I love the space in this track… the subtle synths and guitar really let Frank’s voice carry the track.”

Radiohead – All I Need

“I love the ambiance of this track, the bass, the droning synths, Thom’s delicate and emotional vocal. I lose it every time it gets to the end where the track becomes thrashy and big in the most beautiful ambient.”

Clairo – Alewife

“This track reminds me of the week I shot the visualizers for my EP. We were driving through the Scottish hills, it was a misty wet day and we all just sat in a sprinter van in silence and took it all in. It was magical. We all stared at each other at the end like “damn that felt good”. I love the synths at the end especially.”

Sam Fender – The Borders

“This track makes you want to dance and curl up in a ball and sob all in one. There’s something so nostalgic about this track it feels familiar. I genuinely think this is one of the best songs of all time. The production, the lyrics, the vocal – everything just works together. It tells a story and really takes you on a journey throughout. This song is real and that’s why I love it. When that electric guitar takes over towards the end it’s powerful.”





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