Where It Started: Adventure Club

Your passion and love for music can start at any age. That’s something that hangs in curiosity for many fans. What did this person listen to when they were younger? Who influenced them?

The ‘Where It Started’ series is a platform for artists of all kinds to speak on the anthems that raised them to be who they are now.

Meet Adventure Club: Easily considered as one of the forefathers of dubstep, Adventure Club continues to push boundaries and keep the melodic genre of dubstep alive and thriving. With numerous achievements under their belts, the electronic duo Adventure Club –  made up of Leighton James and Christian Srigley – has built an empire within the electronic dance community. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Adventure Club has graced the stages of some of the world’s largest music festivals, crafted top 40 hits  “Crash”, “Wonder” and their most popular dubstep remix to date, “Crave You” by Flight Facilities – amassing over 34 million streams on SoundCloud – and released their first full-length album, Red //Blue, which went #1 on Dance and Electronic charts in North America.  

Getting better with age, the duo over the years have continuously expanded their sound and frames of mind. Eyeing a massive return for the release of their upcoming album “Love // Chaos,” the dance music community is highly anticipating for a perennial release to arrive any day now. With all that being said, we’re incredibly honored to have had the time to find out where it started with Adventure Club, and be sure to check out their newest single “Color Blind” featuring Nurko & Dayseeker’s Rory Spencer below.

Where It Started: Adventure Club

“What a trip this was. Probably one of the most difficult lists we’ve ever had to come up with. Capping it at 15 was absolutely impossible. There are so many artists that have contributed to our musical journey over the years. One of us has a classical piano background and the other a blues guitar background. Somehow we both met during our emo/hardcore phase which we spent many nights just driving around jamming out to our favorite bands. We spent about 10 years in various pop-punk/ hardcore bands and then slowly discovered electronic music via Massive Attack and Portishead. Our first ever dubstep song we heard was a remix of one of our favorite bands Bring Me The Horizon, which was right about the time we started Adventure Club. This list represents songs we listened to growing up, songs we listened to aimlessly driving around, songs we’ve pulled inspiration from, songs we still listen to every day. Some songs can leave such a lasting vivid memory. Each one of these songs, we can remember where we were when we first heard them, what we were doing and how they made us feel.”