Example Drops New Album ‘Some Nights Last For Days’

British singer, rapper and producer Example is back with a brand new album Some Nights Last For Days.

The album, which arrives today after a brief delay, leans heavily in the hip hop/rap direction. Though no stranger to the MC game, Example’s previous work leaned farther into the electronic music realm, so the change here is a refreshing difference. Highlights include the single “Oscar” with P Money and Harry Shotta, the smooth flows on “Eye to Eye” with Doc Brown and Sway Dasafo, and “Extra Mile”, a laid back yet heartfelt rap ballad featuring Frekky and Professor Green. In a Twitter post, Example admits: “I reached out to the best spitters I know for features cos I knew it would make me step my [rap] game up“. And step up he did.

Despite the hip hop elements, Example still proves he hasn’t lost his electro/pop side with songs like the ultra-upbeat “Same Old Same Old”, radio-ready “Ain’t One Thing”, and the softly driving beat of emotional “Break the Chains”, as well as the groovy Calvin Harris-produced title track.

Overall, Some Days Last For Nights feels like a fresh take for Example. His rapping has never sounded better, and his lyricism is some of his most personal and affecting material to date. There’s radio hits, danceable bangers, cry-worthy ballads, and uplifting anthems. It’s a perfect amalgamation of what makes Example’s music great, and it’s nice to see him shine once again.

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