Galantis Release Bubbly New Album ‘Church’

Triumphant Swedish duo Galantis have just released their third album, titled ‘Church’. After teasing the album back in October, it’s now in our hands. Galantis have found platinum record success with multiple records, this brand new album is likely to follow suit with success also.

The album features many previous hit singles such as their collaborations with Dolly Parton, Yellow Claw, Passion Pit, OneRepublic and many others. In the week leading up to the album release, they released a slew of album singles on a daily basis to paint a part of the picture that the album would eventually complete.

Interestingly, electronic duo Bali Bandits appear numerous times through the album credits – the four producers seemingly worked together in the studio for quite some time.

The album is undeniably a Galantis album, featuring their bubbly sounds and vocals, it is a perfect dance album that features maximum commercial appeal. Don’t be surprised when you hear this album on the radio, played by a DJ or played by a friend – it appeals to everyone!

“‘Church’ is not a building or a specific religion. It is a body of believers banded together by a common belief….”




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