Game Time With Todd Helder: Skyrim, Warzone, Hogwarts Legacy + More

Todd Helder returns to NCS with ‘Never Stop’, his sophomore single on the label. Celebrating the release, Todd joins us for our Game Time feature, delving into the many aspects of gaming.

Helder is a name that by all rights should have had an explosive 2020, had this year of course gone to plan. Debuting on STMPD RCRDS and performing at Tomorrowland within a breakneck six month window, the youngster was the name lighting up everyone’s lips, including STMPD boss Garrix and Marshmello, who Helder impressed with a remix of ‘Alone’ that the bucket-headed sensation played on heavy rotation on tour around the world. 

From Skyrim to Minecraft to Warzone, Todd Helder has played various games through the years and is heavily invested in the past time. Discover his gaming life below.

What’s your favourite game soundtrack? 

My favorite game soundtrack is from Skyrim: The Song of the Dragonborn. This song puts hair on your chest, the north wind in your lungs and fire in your bones. I’m also pretty sure that most of us who played this game would stare at the loading screen only to hear this song.

Which is your all time favourite console, either current or from the past? 

I’ve owned and played on pretty much every console there is on the market, and I can definitely say that my favorite console is the Switch mainly because of the portability! Being able to just pick up a console and move it to the next room or outside is great.

If you could have a song in any game which game would they choose? 

It would be crazy to have one of my songs in the next Fifa or GTA game! def on my bucket list.

What music do you listen to while gaming? 

I honestly don’t listen to music while playing video games mainly because I want to get sucked into the game but when I do, I listen to my own playlist on Spotify which is called: Todd Helder’s Heldfest. 

What are your top 3 games ever and why?

So my first game would be Minecraft because it involves lots of creativity and you can explore a huge world while getting chased by monsters. The second game would be Warzone as it’s fun (most of the time) to play with friends and very accessible. The third and final game is chess because it is simply absorbing.

What do you think the biggest future gaming advancement will be?

I believe VR and streaming will be the most defining technologies in the next 10 years in gaming. Virtual reality is the way forward: headsets need to be light, user-friendly, and affordable, but they will be quite soon I think.

What upcoming game release are you most excited for? 

Hogwarts Legacy! I’ve never been more hyped for a game in the last 10 years! I’ve always wanted a full action RPG set in the Harry potter universe! I’ve been waiting for this game since it was leaked 1 or 2 years ago and I can’t wait to get my hands one this.

What game do you think you’re best at overall?

I’ve been playing lots of Warzone lately and my friends think I’m one of the best WZ players out there but I am just an average player with some luck I think.

If you had to live in the world of the last game you played, what world would it be?

If I had to live in the last game I played it would definitely be Skyrim, who doesn’t want to fight dragons! 

Do you watch any gaming streamers/youtubers?

Yes I do watch a lot in my free time for example: Tmartn, GMHikaru, TimTheTatMan but I also like to watch non gaming channels such as: Star Wars Theory, Yes Theory and Emergency Awesome.

Be sure to stream Todd Helder’s newest single ‘Never Stop’

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