How To Search Spotify By Label, Year, Artist + More

Unfortunately there is not a lot of love for record labels when it comes to Spotify. Unless there is a profile in which the label playlists each of their releases, it is not easy to find a label’s releases, let alone their full discography.

There is however a trick that will allow you to search for a specific label, and therefore showcases each of their releases.

In order to search for a specific label, you need to input label:[label name], for example, as shown in the image below, search for music from Axtone Records will be as simple as searching label: Axtone. In the instance where a label as two words or include ‘records’ in their name, you’ll need to input it as label: “Axtone Records”.

However, this will not work for all labels. For example labels with the same name or a label that has slightly altered names over the years will produce non accurate results. However, in most cases it works fine.

Not only will this work for labels, it will also work for artists, albums, tracks, year and even ISRC and UPC codes.

In the case of artists, there are many with the same name or tracks with the same name. In order to achieve a clear result whilst searching for an artist, you can search using the term artist:________ – just like with labels. Also like the label search, you can be even more specific by using quotation marks around the artist name, such as artist: “Hardwell”.

Another helpful search term will be years. You can search using year: 2007. The results are very interesting as it shows an album, track or artist that was one of, if not, the most popular throughout that year. The results are rather interesting whilst perusing throughout the past 30 years and beyond.

The search parameter can be used for tracks, which would be useful in a situation such as collating music with the same name. Another notable but not often used term would be tag:new. This, unsurprisingly, shows new music but is largely skewed to popular releases and does not sort Spotify’s entire library by newest.

Some of these search options will be of no use to many of Spotify’s users, but there will definitely be instances where these options are helpful.

In summary, the terms you can use are:

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