Monsta X Drop Third Full Length Album ‘Fatal Love’

It’s only been 6 months since Monsta-X’s last comeback with the mini-album “Fantasia X” and now Monsta X are back with their third full-length studio album “Fatal Love”. This boy group under Starship Entertainment now consists of 6 members and with ‘Fatal Club’ Monsta X brings back their villain concept, with each member donning a sleek look in suits on the music video for the albums lead single, “Love Killa.”

One of the members, Joohoney, revealed that his character in the “Love Killa” Music Video was inspired by a legendary villain, namely the Joker in the popular Batman film The Dark Knight. Not only Joohoney, but all of the members also appeared charismatic in the music video. It is known that the Monsta X members were hands-on in the making of their album, in the song “Love Killa”, Joohoney and I.M wrote their own rap lyrics, even the songs “Beastmode” and “Stand Together” were songs composed by Joohoney and. “Beastmode” additionally was composed by star solo singer Eric Nam.

“Love Killa”, has a dark, scary and intense concept with good low development and percussion, it’s no wonder why the song “Love Killa” is the right choice for the title track of the 10 songs on this album, because “Love Killa” is able to describe the entire album. MONSTA X tells the story of expressing the emotions of someone who pursues fatal love, aka Fatal Love. This can be seen from the meaning of the song lyrics such as, “I want you to eat me like the main course. Hot, looks like hot, hottish. It’s not a cliché, a clear ending. I want something more provocative hot (shhh) ” or other meaningful lyrics. “You know we never let each other go. Someone who can handle this kind of love. You know that huh

This song has pretty aggressive lyrics and really sexy right? but that’s the charm of Monsta X and you can watch the music video for “Love Killa” bellow on the Starship Entertainment Youtube channel, “StarshipTV”. It has alreadyc locked upa n impressive 22 million views as of writing.

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