Netflix Revives Zach Galifianakis Between Two Ferns For Movie: Keanu Reeves, Matthew McConaughey, Chrissy Teigen,Will Ferrell, Peter Dinklage, Benedict Cumberbatch

Spoof talk show “Between Two Ferns” started on Funny Or Die, with Zach Galifianakis conducting some of the most awkward celebrity interviews ever. It’s A-list guest including the likes of Obama, Bradd Pitt and Bruce Willis and the last episode aired in 2014. Now Netflix has officially picked up the show and turned it into a Hollywood movie set for release later this month.

Once again we get to see Zach Galifianakis head on another epic adventure, a genius move blending his hilarity as the Between Two Ferns character with his tried and proven “epic trip” typecasts. Watcht the trailer below and keep an eye out for it September 20. Although, as he makes it clear it’s most definitely not going to be in theatres.

Want to get in the mood watch some of our favourite episodes from the show below, including the iconic finale with Barrack Obama and the funniest few in our view, from Bruce Willis, Justin Bieber and his Hangover co-star Bradley Cooper.

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