Petit Biscuit Publishes Amazing New Album ‘Parachute’

Petit Biscuit has unveiled his Parachute project to the world. The nine track album was recorded across Petit Biscuit’s global travels as he spent time in Los Angeles sessions and self-isolated on the coast of Iceland for a reprieve from the hustle of daily life.

The album finds Petit Biscuit coming into his own as an introspective lyricist with explorations of love, war, and death alongside his self-assured step into the vocal spotlight. 

Jonathan Bertin

It is hard to find a highlight on the album when every single track is good. Each track has its own sense of individualism yet remains distinctively Petit Biscuit. The album has two different feels to it, with half of the album being produced in the United States and the other in Iceland.

Almost all of the album can be attributed to Petit Biscuit, something rare when it comes to albums these days. There is the diplo assisted ‘Pick Your Batttles’ as well as ‘I Leave Again’ with Shallou.

Petit Biscuit explains, “Parachute is a much more personal record than Presence. In the years since Presence came out, I’ve seen a lot of new places and met a lot of new people, which has opened up my mind to new ideas. Before I started writing this album, I wasn’t confident writing lyrics that were super personal and now I’m much more confident bringing my own perspective to themes like love and war and death. I’ve always been able to express my emotions through composition, but Parachute is me learning how to express myself through words.”

On the topic of his time in Iceland, Petit adds, “I went to a 30 or 40 person town in a region called the Westfjords. I feel like I get more inspiration when I’m isolated. I can feel awkward when there are people around me when I’m composing or get too much feedback, so traveling to Iceland felt like the best way to get to focus.”





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