Ross Golan Returns For Season 5 of ‘And the Writer Is’ With FINNEAS, James Bay, Sarah Aarons, Scott Harris & More

Ross Golan is the voice of widely acclaimed music podcast ‘And The Writer Is’, which returns next week for its 5th season. If you haven’t heard the show yet, each week he brings a talented and acclaimed songwriter into the studio to discuss their story.

Each episode tells a unique and often inspiring story behind some of your favourite artists, songs and the people who helped write them. The teaser for the new season reveals guests will include the likes of FINNEAS, Ben Platt, Sarah Aarons, James Bay, Tim Pagnotta, Paul Anka, Sam Harris, Julian Bunetta & More.

Every week, we sit down with an acclaimed and venerable songwriter to intimately discuss what happens behind closed doors in the music industry. There are millions of singers, thousands of artists and only the top 40 songs per genre at a time… This podcast is about the people who make them.

The show gives you a unique window into the creative mindset of world-class songwriters, see how they develop their catchy lyrics and infectious melodies and where they find their inspirations. Previous guests on the show have varied from the likes of Benny Blanco, Bebe Rexha, to Stargate, Wyclef Jean and Skylar Grey.

‘And The Writer Is’ is Produced by Joe London & Ross Golan in association with Big Deal Music Group & Mega House Music.




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