The Yes Theory Podcast Returns For Season 2 With Headspace Studios

The brand new, fast-growing show The Yes Theory Podcast is returning for a second season and a well-known partner will be returning to join them once again: Headspace Studios. Headspace Studios is virtually a household name in the areas of meditation and mindfulness. The popular app offers a variety of guides to help add a more therapeutic, unstressed brain to your every day life.

The Yes Theory Podcast is a branch of the Yes Theory YouTube channel, which leans into the bigger, deeper questions of life and often has guests who reflect this direction. S2 of The Yes Theory Podcast is expected to bring folks from a wide range of backgrounds from dyslexia advocate and founder of ‘Speechify – Text to Speech’ software, Cliff Weitzman, to Lexie Alford, who is the youngest person in the world to have traveled to every country.

“We’re looking forward to launching the next era of Yes Theory and introducing audiences to a new side of ourselves,” explained Thomas Brag, Co-host of The Yes Theory Podcast, and Yes Theory Co-Founder. “In this season, we will be having even more authentic and meaningful conversations with friends and experts in a variety of fields and will be exploring topics that have deeply resonated with the struggles we’ve all endured over the past year.”

One of the most notable examples of the fruitful collaborations between Yes Theory and Headspace has been the video “I meditated every day for 1,000 days straight.” The video has captured multiple millions of views and led to Yes Theory members “100 days of Meditation Challenge.” The challenge has garnered 2.4 million minutes of of meditation from solely the members participating in this challenge.

“Yes Theory’s openness has allowed our listeners to feel a personal connection to the series,” said Leah Sutherland, Headspace Studio’s Podcast Director. “I want our audience to feel as though they are going on this new journey with our hosts – all of the topics discussed this season are relevant to real world events and we think they will really resonate with our listeners.”

The Yes Theory Podcast creates a deeper relationship with their fans than most podcasts can, S2 is set to authentically blossom the positivity from S1 with 10 new episodes releasing weekly, the first episode having dropped on July 14th, 2021.

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