Selfmade With Nadeshot: Scooter Braun, Google’s Head Of Gaming & More

Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag is the owner of e-sport company 100 Thieves and he recently launched a podcast titled Self Made. He’s an ex-professional Gamer known initially for his expertise in Call of Duty, who then turned YouTuber, now he turned into a podcaster. The show is co-hosted with Jackson Dahl, who is the head of business development at 100 Thieves.

In the first 4 shows, he brings on some of his close industry friends – however, these are no ordinary guests based on their accolades and job titles. Among the first guests, he has someone who is behind many of the most influential musicians today and the head of Gaming at Google.

Below you can find all five of the first episodes, with the first exploring OpTic’s Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez – who was the owner of one of the largest e-sports companies until not long ago. The podcast delves into his uprising and also the start of their friendship. Hector imparts a great business mind and there’s a lot to learn from this podcast if you are in the world of Gaming.

The second episode is with good friend iJustine who also happens to be Matt’s ex-girlfriends sister. She’s been a consistent YouTuber since the inception of the platform. In the episode, she shares some interesting details on her career so far and about how YouTube and the internet, in general, has evolved over the years.

The next episode delves into Ryan ‘Fwiz’ Wyatt, who is the head of gaming at YouTube as well as of the VR & AR department. His roots began doing casting and reffing for MLG (Major League Gaming). Matt, Ryan and Jackson discuss the evolution of e-sports and casting and what the future brings for gaming, specifically on YouTube.

The fourth episode is entirely 100 Thieves employees, with the guest being John Robinson; the COO President of the company. They discuss his many accolades throughout his business career, working as an indie game developer, through to what 100 Thieves are doing with their new facility, more details about their $35 million Series B funding and more.

The most recent and highest-profile guest is Scooter Braun. Who is also an investor in Matt’s company. They go through Scooter working as a party promoter in Atlanta, his rise in the music and entertainment industry, his involvement with 100 Thieves and more.

With the podcasts getting better and better as they go on, we’re excited for the future and to learn more about the elements of business, gaming and YouTube. With the main focus on the YouTube video, they are arguably a better experience to watch – you can catch all five in the playlist below.

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