How Games Make Money Podcast With Jeff Grub, Featuring Wiz Khalifia’s Weed Farm Designer, Ironsource CFO & More

While most people love playing games, there’s a smaller few who like to make those games and this podcast talks about the business of gaming. Whether its a fully immersive in depth first person shooter like Call Of Duty, or a simple player like Tetris or the more recent phenomena of Animal Crossing, games undoubtedly come in all shapes and sizes.

So for those interested, you can check in to How Games Make Money every Friday for a new episode with GamesBeat editor Jeff Grubb who talks to people from all walks of life in and around the business of video games. On each episode, he seeks to find out how people are bringing in cash from games in different ways. Jeff talks with developers, publishers, executives, content creators, toolmakers, and more. Look for new episodes every Friday.

The show which launched in February has so far brought on Ironsource’s CFO Omer Kaplan to talk about serving up ads in hypercasual games. On the next episode, Grubb brings on Out Of The Park’s COO – Rish Grisham who’s been releasing games for the past 20 years to discuss the avenues of releasing games from traditional formats, through to new subscription models and the introduction of microtransactions in games.

Other episodes include Kinda Funny co-founder Greg Miller to discuss what it’s like to be an influencer in the gaming sphere, Khalief Adams of Spawn On Me another Gaming Podcast that talks about people of colour in the gaming industry, and Chief Game Designer Mitch Zamara from Mobile Game development company Metamoki (known for Weed Inc, Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm and Fruit Pop) about they test profitability and knowing when to move on.




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