SLANDER Release Debut Album ‘Thrive’

SLANDER today dropped their debut album Thrive. The 10 peice album explores the many sounds of SLANDER, from their trap/bass to techno, SLANDER have it all.

The duo release the album as their single ‘Love Is Gone’ reaches 350 million streams, which is also included in the LP. From track 1 to 10, the productions are flled with talent, from both SLANDER and a notable feature.

SLANDER explained Thrive as “amalgamation of where we are, where we have been, and where the future might lead. There is strong emotion, and a bit of dark energy as well. We feel each song has a specific feeling that’s connected to the overall narrative of Thrive. There are songs that will make you cry, and songs that make you want to rage deep into the night. This is us. A dual sided emotional range, fully encapsulated in a cosmic love story.We hope people can bring their own experiences into the music. We have always felt the most important purpose of our songs was making a place for anyone to implant a piece of themselves and experience something deeper based on a past, present, or future moment in their lives“.

Catch SLANDER on their Thrive tour around America the next few months.





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