Spencer Brown Takes Us Into A ‘Stream of Consciousness’ With New Mix Album

18 months after the release of his debut LP, ‘Illusion Of Perfection’, San Francisco’s prolific Spencer Brown announces a new mix album on Anjunabeats: ‘Stream of Consciousness’. The album, which comes pre-mixed, is the perfect collection and example of what Anjunadeep strives to achieve.

With millions of streams across his previous album, the anticipation of the follow up was rising. Now, we’ve been spoilt with 12 incredible productions, ranging from Spencer’s take on break-beat to his signature ambient progressive sound.

Few artists put such emphasis on allowing their DJ craft to inform their studio output. With a passion for extended live sets, Spencer blurs the lines between deep house, progressive and trance to keep those performances fresh and clubbers locked in from start to close. 

Spencer explains his love of the mix format… “The mix album took 329 revisions to finalize. I’m a control freak with my mixes—it’s deeply ingrained in my creative process. With that in mind, I didn’t send any tracks to anyone for mix help, and I created and mixed 100% of the final product.”

He adds, “Creating an album of radio-edited singles has never interested me creatively. I prefer to craft music that keeps my listener in a flow state—working, studying, traveling, exercising, dancing, whatever it may be. I conceived my album as one carefully mixed piece: an hour-plus of continuous music. It’s a collection of tracks I wrote from 2015 to 2019, inspired by the majesty of nature, missing a loved one, and the ups and downs of touring—all bundled into a single Stream of Consciousness.”

‘Stream Of Consciousness’ Tracklist

  1. Spencer Brown & Ben Böhmer ‘SF to Berlin’
  2. Spencer Brown ‘Lose You’
  3. Spencer Brown ‘Love & Pain’
  4. Spencer Brown & Marsh ‘Pursuance’
  5. Spencer Brown & Liam Hathaway ‘LA ID’
  6. Spencer Brown feat. Paperwhite ‘Chance On Us’
  7. Spencer Brown & Qrion ‘Foggy August’
  8. Spencer Brown ‘Everything’s A Cycle’
  9. Spencer Brown ‘Leaving Newcastle’
  10. Spencer Brown ‘Resilience’
  11. Spencer Brown ‘Donna’
  12. Spencer Brown & Wilt Claybourne ‘Womaa’




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