Sullivan King Breaks Down Debut Album “Show Some Teeth” Track By Track

Sullivan King is looking to leave his mark in electronic music with his exciting take on dance music. Echoing the angsty pasts of our more rebellious years, the producer channels another level of energy that is simply unprecedented. Sullivan King is a genre-defying artist who blends rock, metal, bass, dubstep, and more into a truly unique sound.  

As he continues to strive in his own lane, the road to prominence lies within his debut album “Show Some Teeth.” The 15-track record thrives on injecting liveliness to the listener. Revealing all the tricks up his sleeve, King will blow you away with the musical genius displayed on this project.

With all that being said though, what better way to pinpoint the significance of this album than to hear it from the artist himself. Hear the story of how he put this all together in the track-by-track breakdown below.

Sullivan King – Promise Me

This was actually my intro for most of the shows on the “Apex” tour. It’s sort of an eerie excerpt/take of “The Demented” and I think really gears you up for a wicked record without giving too much away sonically.

Sullivan King & TYNAN – If My Eyes Are Vampires (Your Body Is My Sunlight)

I’ve alllllways wanted to work with TYNAN because he’s so damn unique. He brought me a drop idea and I built around it. The song is about trying to be the bigger person even though you absolutely despise having to let something go when it’s against someone you can’t stand.

Sullivan King – Reckless

The first dubstep banger on the album hahah, this and “Breathless” are actually the same story and even the same project file. This is the take on recklessness from the person that is angry and filled with rage.

Sullivan King – Breathless

The sequel to “Reckless”, this song is the perspective of the person who is being hurt by the “reckless” person and everything they’ve done. It’s the feeling of being in love with someone destructive and toxic and not being able to change them.

Sullivan King – Why Don’t You Love Me?

This was actually the last song I wrote for the album and was made the day before the album deadline. I instantly loved everything about the song and made sure it got out instead of saving it for a later release. It might be my favorite song on the album…

Sullivan King & Kompany – Show Some Teeth

Another insanely talented person I had the pleasure of working with, Kompany; I had this idea for a couple years actually and just always loved it and knew it just needed someone to come in and murder it properly. Kyle came in on the track and helped make some sense of the direction and sound. It ended up being so perfect I build the record around it.

Sullivan King – Ricochet Feat. Cayte Lee

Another song that I had the idea floating around in my laptop for a while. I’m in love with this song because I’ve never done a “duet” with a female voice and Cayte is just incredible. I ended up finishing this on the road with Excision early this year on the tour bus and when I was in Buffalo, NY with Grabbitz. It’s just such a strong melodic song, I def wanna do more like it.

Sullivan King – Royalty Feat. Rico Act

I had this just as a drop idea for a bit and was playing it out as a VIP to mine and Riot Ten’s collab “Pit Boss”. It was smashing so hard live I had to make it an original. Rico Act came in on it and laid down a fucking wicked vocal and that was that.

Sullivan King – Dropkick (Sully’s House Mix)

I love the idea of revisiting old songs in a new light, and “Dropkick” was always a song I thought would make a badass Bass House track. That’s the amazing thing about EDM is you can so easily change up an entire song. This one came together super quick too and has been really fun to play out.

Sullivan King – Solace

Ok this one might have my favorite lyrical backstory, which I just can’t give away because it’s such an emotional song and it would totally ruin it hahaha. I wrote this at a moment of total shattered trust and betrayal. I’ll see if anyone can figure it out but most likely will never happen.

Sullivan King & SWARM – Hitman

I don’t do a lot of Mid Tempo music, mainly because I can never seem to get it into my sets, but I love SWARM’s sound and wanted to crush something with him. The song is about doing anything for the people you love to a point it’s obsessive and consuming.

Sullivan King – Bad Times

Also known as the “bird song” lol. This song had sat in my sets for over a year and was played out by so many people and I thought it would never come out. It gets the raddest live reaction and also has the best solos on the record forsure. It’s just a great, dark mood.

Sullivan King – Put Em Up

I made this one after working with Kompany and was so inspired by his workflow and writing style that I went back home and crushed through this song. It’s a loud and angry banger and gets me all types of excited.

Sullivan King – Where Angels Die

Ok. Some people are going to HATE this one. But this is such a complex track and is easily one of, if not the most metal song I’ve put out to date. The drops are basically just hardcore breakdowns, the vocals are the loudest and angriest I’ve done in I don’t know how long. All I know is a fucking love this song and it also features my sushi chef back in LA (shoutout Victor)!

Sullivan King – Before I Go

The last song on the album and probably tied for my favorite on the record. This song has soooo much melancholic emotion injected throughout the song. This song means a lot to me. I don’t like giving away lyrical backgrounds but it’s definitely a track about leaving a legacy and always being there for someone even when you’re gone…


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