The Low Flying Panic Attack Prepares For New Album with “Bridges”

Madrid’s emerging indie electronic outfit The Low Flying Panic Attack have taken 2020’s trials and tribulations as an opportunity to refine their sound and produce their debut studio album slated for release this year.  With their new single “Bridges” setting the stage for their upcoming project, fans are able to get a taste of what’s to come.

“Bridges” is a high-energy blend of electronica, future bass, and trip-hop led by an explosive vocal line that fuels the engine of the track. The release is a standout single from the duo that perfectly exemplifies the freshness and eclecticism that the group weaves through all of their productions.

With their hybrid sound embodying a potpourri of atmospheric electronica, psychedelic rock, low-fi and more, The Low Flying Panic Attack’s eclectic approach to songwriting, composition, artistic vision, and live performance position themselves as a unique outfit in up and coming experimental electronic acts.





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