TheFatRat Teams Up With Amanotes To Feature Music In Magic Tiles 3

Regular app based gamers and music lovers are likeley to have come across viral virtual piano game Magic Tiles before, in the game you have to tap the black tiles and avoid the white tiles in order to match the beat of popular tunes. Now with Magic Tiles 3, the game has recently been revamped with brand new futuristic vibrant visuals of the German hit-maker TheFatRat.

Magic Tiles comes from Amanotes, with more than 1 Billion app downloads worldwide, almost 100 Million monthly active users, and boast an incredible 15 Million daily active users, it’s no suprise this is the#1 Music Game Publisher worldwide. In an effort to support their artist partners, Amanotes developed a special program to include exclusive branded visual content to promote artists’ songs in their games. Looking forward we are told the company plans to launch more exclusive artist-focused programs in its music ecosystem.

Silver Nguyen, the co-founder of Amanotes, shared: “We’re proud to announce this collaboration with TheFatRat. As Amanotes strives to connect music makers and music listeners, we continuously innovate our products, extend partnership activities, and welcome the boldest ideas to transform the interactive music landscape.” TheFatRat has posted on his channel a short video of him playing Magic Tiles 3 with his hit tunes “Unity”. EDM fans were excited as the motion of tapping and holding to the beat gives them a “I’m making the song myself” feeling.

EDM lovers can play their favorite TheFatRat tunes with special in-level effects. Users can now access the full library of the German EDM star via the Album section, featuring top songs such as Unity, Monody, The Calling, etc. Players can also access Match mode to battle with friends or participate in special Treasure Hunt events. The users have the option to purchase VIP Pass to get free revives and unlock all the greatest hits in a seamless ad-free experience. Fans are encouraged to share their gameplay videos using hashtag #TheFatRatxMagicTiles3

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