Top 10 with Emily Willis: Movies To Netflix and Chill To

Superstar-on-the-rise Emily Willis is one of the hardest working adult entertainers in the business, a sexual dynamo blazing an incredible trail of white-hot film performances that consistently thrill and delight her many thousands of devoted fans and social media followers.

Born in Argentina, raised in Utah, and currently living in California, Willis is an adventurous spirit with a fun-loving personality that has served her well so far in the industry. In October 2017, Willis shot her very first erotic scene; after that, the Latina beauty was hooked. Since her debut, the film star has been featured in over 400 videos that have circulated the web garnering millions and millions of impressions. It’s safe to say, her face and name will continue to stand out amongst the masses as she continues to grow her brand.

There’s simply no denying her impact in the adult entertainment industry and its why we’re so honored to have caught up with her in the present day. After winning the award for Female Performer of the year at the iconic XBIZ Awards show, we couldn’t have found a better time to connect with Emily to get her list top 10 moves to Netflix and chill to.

1. Kill Bill

“This movie is my all time favorite, Uma is such a ninja in this movie and is so inspiring.”

2. Pulp Fiction

“A classic Quentin Tarantino movie. Definitely one of my favorite movie directors.”    

3. 50 First Dates

“This movie never fails to put me in my feels, such a cute love story.”

4. Wolf of Wall Street

“I’ve watched this movie about 15 times, Leo really killed this role.”

5. Gone Girl

“I love psychological thrillers and this movie really makes you pay attention to the plot and what is going on and really gets into your head.”

6. Spirited Away

“Created by Hayao Miyazaki; he is super creative and I love all his anime.”

7. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

“Not only do I love the book but the movie did a great job at making the book come alive.”

8. Black Swan

“I love the way Natalie Portman plays an innocent white swan but then metamorphs into a sensual black swan.”

9. War Dogs

“It’s based on a true story and I love watching their hustle in this movie.”

10. The Devil Wears Prada

“Absolutely iconic movie, I love Anne Hathaway and I love fashion.”




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