A Few Of The Entourage Crew Re-Unite On ‘Victory The Podcast’

Entourage creator Doug Ellin has teamed up with Actor & close friend Kevin Dillon (aka Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase) to produce a weekly comedy podcast: ‘Victory The Podcast.’ Doug & Kevin share anecdotes, looking back on each episode of the successful, Emmy & Golden Globe Award winning, Entourage TV series.  Each week, they will deep-dive discuss, an episode of TV series.  Featuring behind-the-scenes stories, as well as thoughts about their 50 plus years combined of Hollywood experiences.  Podcast producer, Kevin Connolly (aka Eric ‘E’ Murphy), will pop in periodically, as will many of your favourite guest stars and cast members. 

One of the first shows of its kind, to be known for its ‘fly-on-the-wall / behind-the-scenes’ look into a movie star’s life. Loosely based on Mark Wahlberg’s life (tightly based on Doug Ellin’s friendship group and acquaintances), the show highlighted the importance of friendships and real-life situations in modern-day Hollywood.

After 8 seasons, 96 episodes and a feature film, Entourage stands out to many as their favourite show, ever. The HBO series was highly regarded when on air – attracting an absurd number of celebrity cameos and has even seen its popularity increase in recent years, a long time after it concluded in late 2011.

The latest episode features Scott Vener, the shows music supervisor. Together they look back on the music selections, including the stories of how they managed to get approval from artists who otherwise didnt usually let TV shows use their music.

With the podcast set to explore each episode, there’s a lot more content to come considering we’re only a few episodes in! For a behind the scenes look at the series and what it was like for the individuals involved, this new podcast is a must listen.




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