The Workaholics Crew Reunite With New Podcast ‘This Is Important’

The people behind the Workaholics TV show and Netflix film Game over Man are back together, this time taking on a podcast. Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, Anders Holm starred in Workaholics and Game Over Man whilst Kyle Newacheck wrote and directed them.

The hilarious foursome have published their first three episodes today, so fans will be able to indulge in three hours of content to begin with. The first episode includes their ridiculous conversations and any Workaholics fans will be major fans.

Some of the first topics include Disney classics, Abs, Cereal, Best snack from 7-Eleven, Favorite Christmas Carol, Stories from childhood and their early years together, Famous people they’d bring back from the grave, Hottest Hemsworth, Pizza delivery man etiquette, Back yard wrestling, Elective procedures they’d get, Only fans and Bad doctors. Each episode will end with a recurring segment where the guys issue “take backs, apologies and complaints”




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