Armin van Buuren Celebrates A State Of Trance 1000 With New Single and September Weekend Event

Armin van Buuren has just concluded the major milestone for A State Of Trance is that is the 1000th episode.

The highly anticipated news about the iconic edition of the ASOT 1000 festival was announced by Armin van Buuren live on the historic 5-hour long 1000th episode of the show. The trance icon announced that the special celebration will extend to a two-show Celebration Weekend.

The one-time-only, two-show ASOT 1000 celebration weekend starts on Friday 3 September with a show that pays tribute to twenty years of A State of Trance with special guest appearances. The second show on Saturday, 4 September is a more familiar celebration of ASOT in line with the previous milestone celebrations and will have fans looking forward to all that’s still to come for A State of Trance. The show’s theme ‘Turn the World Into a Dancefloor’ echoes the all-encompassing message that has been at the heart of ‘A State Of Trance’ from the very beginning.  

Along side the news of the festival, Armin released the anthem of ASOT 1000; ‘Turn The World Into A Dancefloor’. The production sees Armin publish a classic instrumental trance record.

The track perfectly encapsulates 1000 episodes of A State Of Trance and is also a great pairing for the upcoming event.

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