Bee Blizz Drops Infectious Single, ‘I Wish We Were Young’

Stemming from the mind of Bryan Hendrick Jr., Bee Blizz is a project known for its one-of-a-kind sound design. Now Bee Blizz is venturing into the next phase of his career as an artist with his newest release, “I Wish We Were Young”. This song includes blissful vocals and is overflowing with ethereal chord progressions. Rounding out the track, Bee Blizz delivers a constantly evolving beat that is layered with chilling soundscapes.

Discussing the message and process behind creating the single, Bee Blizz says, “‘I Wish We Were Young’ is all about being young again. It’s the first track of my career that I spent quite a bit of time putting together because of all of the moving parts. I take pride in all of my creations but it’s not always easy to pull a sound out of my head and make it work in the studio. Then there is also the fact that sometimes the creative juices are flowing and therefore so does the seamless creation of a single. Whatever the case, I will keep creating music for the masses in order for me to stay young and hopefully keep others feeling that way too!”

A fusion of a variety of genres, musical influences, and pure experimentation, “I Wish We Were Young” signals a thrilling year ahead for Bee Blizz. He has a bunch of songs that are in the works and are just as mesmerizing, which means this DJ-producer hybrid is ready to further his impact on electronic music.




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