ILLENIUM Stuns Crowd With Incredible Trilogy Performance

Illenium’s four hour music journey at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas was a legendary show not to miss. He made history as the first artist to ever perform at the new Raider’s stadium and the first EDM artist to headline at a stadium. With Cloudnone and 3LAU as openers, the last goodbye to Illenium’s three albums went from 10pm until 1:40 am. Concluding the triple set, Illenium also gave attendees a twenty minute preview of his newest album Fallen Embers. The Trilogy show was a nonstop roller coaster full of emotions.

The stadium held around 35,000 people all wearing lit up Trilogy bracelets, provided on entry. The bracelets synced up with the show’s visuals adding to the already amazing production. His fan base “Illenials” all wore Illenium merch including jerseys from all his shows throughout his career. Nick (Illenium) also released new Trilogy jerseys with Las Vegas patches available at multiple merch booths in the venue. The stadium had seated sections, floor seats, 2 pit sections, and VIP. There was even a livestream of the event for those who couldn’t experience it in person. An unpatched Trilogy jersey was also made available for the livestream viewers.

The first set was from his album “Ashes” released in 2016. The stadium echoed with screams as the Illenium Phoenix logo appeared with the intro. Nick Miller then surprised everyone by appearing in the middle of the stadium on a raised up stage. Everyone ran to get closer and screamed when the full logo with his name appeared. After Nick said “Las Vegas” into the microphone you could feel and hear the energy of every single person in the crowd cheering with happiness. He opened up his set with a Mashup of “Fractures, Disarm You, Don’t Let Me Down, and Afterlife.” Ending it with his remix of “Shark” by Oh Wonder.

The second album of his Trilogy set “Awake” started as soon as he could run back from the middle stage to the main stage through the center, quickly giving high fives to Illenials at the rail. “Crawl Outta Love” visuals appeared and the “Awake 1.0” intro started. The lights started flashing and the emotions were felt in the huge stadium as the Phoenix appeared at the main stage. The song lyric “And when the sky went dark” played with Nick popping up on stage ready to start the second set asking everyone to sing it with him. The crowd sang along to the chorus of “Crawl Outta Love” and fireworks burst during the first drop of the song.

His original “Awake” sets from his tour in 2017-2018 were live with a band alongside his best friends Said The Sky and Dabin playing on stage with him. This time only Nick was on stage but he brought out Said The Sky during their song “Sound of Where’d You Go.” There were lasers and lights surrounding them as they hugged each other on stage demonstrating how much love they had for each other. Nick closed the set with the “Awake” finale “Leaving Vs Beautiful Creatures.”

The most recent tour “Ascend” then started with the familiar visuals “When you grow up your heart dies” on the main stage. The last album of the Trilogy began slowly and then Nick popped up again speaking to the crowd and this time there were fire flames with fireworks blasting. The “Ascend” tour’s familiar colorful lasers shined everywhere. Another surprise guest appeared which was Dabin shredding his guitar. He stood up on stage with the lights flashing around him. His guitar solo during “Take You Down” made the song more powerful.

All three sets brought out many emotions and when “Good Things Fall Apart Vs Sad Songs” started, Nick surprised everyone with a video showcasing his fans. Pictures and videos appeared of Nick and Illenials throughout his music career. Red, white and yellow confetti came down and the message “Thank You Illenials” appeared on the screen. After the song ended Nick sat on stage and gave a small unexpected speech. He told everyone how he started making music 6 years ago because he loved electronic music and the community. He said it was crazy how it transitioned into a trilogy representing the Phoenix and the transition of his shitty life that is now in the past. He couldn’t believe that he was now playing in a football stadium. He told the attendees that his fans and the music are the reason why he keeps going everyday and how his music isn’t going anywhere.

At the end he previewed “Fallen Embers” and played an unreleased song called “Brave Soul” featuring Emma Grace. He said that it was about a friend who passed away due to an overdose. Illenium closed his life changing show with his new collab with Said The Sky called “Crazy Times.” During the whole show all the bracelets lit up at the same time illuminating every Illenial there as they danced, cried, and headbanged. The Trilogy show was the perfect way to say goodbye to his older albums and welcome the newest generation of his music.

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