Mr. Belt & Wezol Drop A DJ Set From A Hot Air Balloon

DJ’s have taken very creative routes with their sets in order to stand out from the crowd. Among some of the best have come from Mr. Belt & Wezol who have taken their sets to a moving tram, a ball pit, an alpaca farm, a bowling alley and an abandoned pier.

Now, Mr. Belt & Wezol have taken it to the next level; a hot air balloon. With over eight cameras and two drones – their production quality has greatly increased, allowing for one hour of incredible views and incredible music.

Together with our team we’ve built a custom DJ-booth and installed camera’s all over the balloon’s basket. During the flight we had two cars following us with a race-drone, a normal drone and a zoom lens so we had every possible shot covered.” says the duo.

There is yet to be a DJ set to this extent, Mr. Belt & Wezol have always been ones to do the unusual and this is a prime example. It will not be easy to top this one!




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