Hardwell Just Released ‘NOSTALGIA’, A Hip-Hop Mixtape

On Hardwell’s personal Instagram under his real name, he shared a mixtape titled ‘NOSTALGIA’. The 1hr 40min mixtape features primary old school hip-hop, linking with with ‘nostalgia’ theme. He uploaded the mixtape to Dropbox on the 23rd of July.

Hardwell has been on a touring hiatus since September 2018. In this time we haven’t heard much from the Dutchman other than a few singles and his weekly Revealed Radio show.

He has been known to have an interest in hip-hop, playing it in his sets and even working with acts from the genre. However, few would have expected him to make a nearly two hour mixtape.

While a quick look at the Instagram account may indicate it’s a fan/fake account, the people who follow the account would suggest otherwise. The Dropbox account is also under Hardwell’s name – Robbert.

It’s likely that this mixtape was just made for fun by Hardwell and he has since shared it with his friends. The artwork does have Hardwell branding on it, whether or not that indicates something – we’ll have to wait and see. The artwork, viewable above, was attached to the mp3 file and a reverse image search does not yet reveal anything.

You can download and/or listen to the mixtape through Hardwell’s Dropbox link below and a back-up Mixcloud upload.

You can see the entire 89 song long tracklist through 1001Tracklists.




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