RL Grime Reveals Insane Halloween IX Mix

RL Grime has just dropped his annual Halloween mix, with this being the ninth in the series.

Leading up to this special Halloween IX event, Sable Valley has also been streaming all of RL Grime’s previous Halloween mixes on Twitch throughout the month of October. During these streams, RL has been in the chat interacting with fans as they reminisce on past mixes.

The latest iteration is mostly likely the best yet. RL Grime and Co have gone all out on the visuals, bringing in custom and crazy visuals for the entire hour mix.

As always, RL Grime taps some cool features to bring funny and awesome moments throughout the mix. This year sees him bring in T-Pain, Jake Foushee, and RL Stine.

The Halloween XI description reads: There is a fifth dimension, beyond all that is known to man. It is a dimension as endless as space and as permanent as infinity. It is the valley between light and darkness, between fact and superstition, and it lies between the crux of man’s fears and the pinnacle of his knowledge. This is the dimension of pure imagination. An endless expanse in which we call, Halloween IX.




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