Snoop Dogg on Mike Tyson’s ‘Hotboxin’ Podcast

Hear Mike Tyson and Snoop Dogg jump in together for an hour of goodness, recorded out of Laguna in California. Snoop and the boxing legend are recording a unique conversation for Tyson’s podcast titled ‘Hotboxin’.

In this intimate interview, the legends touch on an array of topics. They discuss Nipsey Hussle and his hard work and what he did, and Mike Tyson’s family-oriented Weed Festival, Kind which featured performances from Miguel, Chicano Batman, Starcrawler and Yonee. Together with the two icons then dish on family values and much more.

Among the highlights, Tyson reveals he recently tried a DMT milked toad’s venom through a vaporiser and Snoop notes a reply “that sounds crazy”.

Other topics which surface in their hour-long conversation include investments, esports, and what it was like getting noticed as a musician before social media. Some untold stories about Snoop Dogg in Amsterdam and rumour that Mike Tyson has slices at his house, and Snoops the latest movie with Matthew Machonough.





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