Embark on an Eccentric Voyage with Polo & Pan: the Release of the Home Sweet Home Mixtape

The intrepid duo, Polo & Pan returns to our consciousness when we need them most. We are in strange and challenging times. As we struggle, the need for distractions and entertainment is at an all-time high. Fortunately for us, Polo & Pan and their spell-bounding sounds are back in the most glorious of ways with the release of Home Sweet Home, an hour-long and very eccentric mixtape.

The French duo ascended the electronic playground and generated countless buzz for their 2017 album, Caravelle. The album went on to birth their audacious performance at Coachella — and other festivals — where I witnessed a crowd so entranced that it was like Polo & Pan were puppet masters, guiding each person’s movement with sonic pulses. Soon followed, was a North American tour that seemingly sold out everywhere and produced an undeniable fervor with ardent supporters, veterans and newcomers alike. To understand what their Caravelle Tour was like, their Cercle performance will provide insight, as well as, some more Polo & Pan fun for your viewing pleasure. I would be remiss if I didn’t say it’s easily one of my favorite Cercle sets.

Now they return just in time to bring untold amounts of joy and warmth to our lives. Home Sweet Home follows a similar style to their past album, EPs, singles — “Genghis” and “Mexicali“– and their remix of Superorganism’s “Everybody Wants To Be Famous“. It’s inventive and magnificent, full of striking allure and awe-inspiring grandiose. It’s exactly what we want and need from Polo & Pan.

As soon as you click play, a labyrinth unfurls, beckoning those brave enough to trust the duo that an opulent reward awaits. Once inside, a whirl of amusement whips across the faces of the brave souls removing the sullen veil of the outside world. Their corrected gaze reveals a carousel of radiant colors and a circus-like spectacle led by Polo & Pan. Fanciful and mesmerizing, the voyage has now begun.

By the end of Home Sweet Home, you’ll be converted, draped with Mad Hatter like glee. A grin will stretch far and wide, crinkling your face with evidence of elation and wonderment. It’s what the duo sets out to accomplish and that they achieve with ease.

If you don’t believe me, hit play and embark on the excursion. You’ll soon understand.





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