Spotify Podcasts Makes Its Social Media Debut With Listening Together, Featuring Joe Budden, Marc Maron & Ashley Hesseltine

Spotify is on a mission this month to remind everyone just how committed it is to the Podcast industry. After lying dormant for some time with blank profiles, today their Twitter & Instagram accounts came to life with a “Listening Together” campaign amid coronavirus lockdowns around the globe. The short clips feature iconic Podcast Spotify hosts sharing with us both the music and podcasts they have been listening to throughout their quarantine experience to get them through.

Among the respected hosts featured are Esther Perrel (How’s Work?), Elise Hu (TED Talks Daily), Joe Budden (Joe Budden Podcast), Marc Maron, Henry Zebrowski (Last Podcast On The Left), Cody Ko (The Tiny Meat Gang), Claudio Oshry (The Morning Toast), Ashley Hesseltine (Girls Gotta Eat), and Heath Hussar (Zane and Heath Unfiltered).

The social media handles were owned by the company for some time but they held off from making their debut till today. We can expect the profiles will no doubt be more focused on curating and creating content more relevant to listeners as well as acting as a launchpad for Spotify’s own shows as well as that hosted on it’s Anchor platform.

The launch of their listener focused profiles adds to their existing Spotify For Podcasters accounts, which shares tips and advice for podcast hosts. The launch follows shortly after Spotify made its big announcement last week whereby it secured Joe Rogans’s podcast exclusively for the platform from September 1st.




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