The FifthGuys, Biometrix and Lost Identities Team Up For Bass-Heavy Cut “Shock Therapy”

Three of the hottest names in bass/future bass music just joined forces once again, releasing an impactful cut with “Shock Therapy”. The FifthGuys, Biometrix and Lost Identities have each been killing it the year, all having already released a handful of singles on labels such as Nightblue Music, Lowly., Electronic Records, Tribal Trap and more, amassing millions of plays on digital platforms and receiving massive acclaim from online publications. 

Their joint effort “Shock Therapy” incorporates the best of all three worlds: epic intros, captivating atmospheres and bass-heavy drops. Catchy electric guitars and an impactful vocal introduce the single while a sinister atmosphere builds up towards the drop that approaches quickly. A surprising electro house/trap climax follows, driven by distorted synths and hard-hitting drums; a perfect display of the three acts’ production skills and versatility.

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