‘track IDs’ Is Spotify’s New Playlist Series Showcasing What DJ’s Would Play Right Now

Spotify have launched a new playlist series focusing on, as the title suggests, track IDs. The lists are co-curated playlists by the world’s leading DJs along with Spotify’s editorial team, allowing listeners to discover tracks from some of their favorite DJs. Available globally, these playlists were created in response to one of the most frequent questions DJs get asked during their sets, “track ID, anyone?” The “track IDs” will provide DJs with a platform to easily share the tracks they would play in their sets, while allowing them to connect with their fans in a way they haven’t been able to do so before. 

Notable DJs Aluna, Amelie Lens, Black Coffee, Carl Cox, Dixon, DJ BORING, Ellen Allien, Gerd Janson, Green Velvet, Honey Dijon, Jayda G, Jennifer Cardini, Kamma & Masalo, Kelly Lee Owens, Marcel Dettmann, MK, Nina Kraviz, Pan-PotSHERELLEShy FX, and Todd Terry launched their playlists, which will be updated on a weekly basis. Additional playlists will be launched at a later date. 

With clubs currently closed and no return date in site, these new playlist are a perfect replacement for the mean time. Many playlists are curated by acts and Spotify but rarely has their goal been to replicate DJ’s actual sets.

The track IDs playlists are currently heavily techno and underground influenced, a perfect way to kick it off. It’s likely will see other acts and genres follow.

“It’s no secret the tracks I play are usually unreleased from whichever sounds I’m into at the time. Right now with the usual game on hold, this playlist feels quite personal. Of course there are the floor fillers in there, some from prior lockdown, some that never have been tested on a dancefloor. But I’m more curious to gauge the listeners’ response to the underdogs.“ – Dixon

“This playlist shows what I would play from intimate venues to the big stages of festivals, I hope you’ll enjoy!” – Amelie Lens

“We’re thrilled to collaborate and curate with DJs as we continue to expand Spotify’s support for Dance/Electronic music,” Maik Pallasch, Spotify Germany’s Head of Music, says in a statement. “With our expansive offering of Dance/Electronic music content, we are excited to offer fans the chance to further explore this diverse and culturally influential genre and dive deeper into the space to uncover their new favorites.”

Experience four of the playlists below or see them all here.

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