A7S Releases First Solo Single ‘Nirvana’

After two massive hits in ‘Breaking Me’ and ‘Your Love (9PM)’, A7S produces and sings on his first solo release; ‘Nirvana’.

The instantly-catchy dance pop track bears all the hallmarks of another chart topping hit for the Swedish artist. From the vocals to the snappy melodies, ‘Nirvana’ is terrific and marks a new journey for A7S as he focuses on outputting solo releases. There is little doubt that ‘Nirvana’ will follow in the footsteps of previous A7S releases.

”I want people to think of what nirvana is for them; paradise – perhaps it’s a person, place or thing.” A7S explained. “The lyric and the vibe of the song is melancholic – it can work when you’re sad or happy. There doesn’t have to be a special setting for putting it on and listening to it – whether you’re having a bad day and want to find some comfort, or if you’re having the time of your life partying with your friends. I think ‘Nirvana’ has two sides.”

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