Canadian Singer Adil C Returns With Emotional Pop Tune “Where Are You”

Adil C has released the follow up single to his debut track “Good Enough”, released in 2018.  The follow-up, titled “Where Are You”, is an emotionally vulnerable song that many can relate to.  The twenty-one year old’s songwriting shows a maturity far beyond his years, exploring the complex topic of broken relationships.  Heartfelt, Adil C delivers the lines, “Where are you?  I need you here with me”.  The singer’s struggle, his partner not “being there” for him, is universally relatable.  Everyone’s been in a similar situation to the one described in “Where Are You”.

Adil C’s impressive vocals are supported by a strong production, centered around an emotional piano, and featuring filtered vocal cuts to keep the energy high.  At the track’s chorus, the instrumental reaches a dazzling climax, with the addition of deep mallets and airy strings setting the mood. All in all, “Where Are You” is bound to be successful, with a message that resonates with so many listeners.  In the future, keep an eye out for Adil C, as his upcoming releases are sure to be just as unforgettable as his first two.

Stream “Where Are You” below:




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