MOMOLAND Comeback With Their 3rd Single Album “Ready or Not”!

Since bursting into popularity with their hit song “Bboom Bboom” from their third EP “Great!”, K-Pop girl group MOMOLAND who fly under the banner of MLD Entertainment have officially made their comeback with the release of “Ready or Not“.

Unlike their previous concept, this time MOMOLAND displayed a girly but rather bold image with a touch of neon colours and sparkling make-up in their concept. Alongside the main single “Ready or Not” is a Christmas themed track arriving just in time for the holidays called “Merry Go Round”. The group who first debut in 2016 managed to look stunning with their visuals with a bright concept and dominated by pink shades in their music video.

Their comeback had a special hype because it was revealed that PSY, who gained global popularity with his record-breaking hit single “Gangnam Style” had been called on to participate in writing the lyrics for this song. As such, this makes people curious and also excited for the arrival of MOMOLAND’s “Ready or Not” comeback.

On the new release, MOMOLAND as the title suggests conveyed to listeners that they were ready to take over and be the centre of attention whether others were ready or not. The track also features infectiously catchy instruments and an upbeat tempo. In all it has an energetic and cheerful chorus, it feels very refreshing and playful to hear. The hook is also very interesting but sticks to a very light context. If you’re looking for a new song to inject some energy into your day, morning or night this will no doubt raise your mood.

Listen to MOMOLAND’s ‘Ready or Not’ via MLD Entertainment:




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