Sapphire Adizes Releases Contemplative, Self Exploratory Track: “Birth”

Sapphire Adizes’ new track pulls listeners into a world of rich, textural experimentalism. Known for his cinematic arrangements characterised by ethereal vocals and jazz influences, his latest work “Birth” follows suit.

“The sound of my life is so much bigger than an orchestra. If I could use any sort of sound to make music, why would I limit myself to the sound of a diminished chord or a saxophone or a piano? Why not seek out the most powerful sound? What about the sound of my being born?” –  Sapphire Adizes

Adizes’ vocals mixed amongst downtempo sounds create textural interest that is at times dissonant, but never jarring. With ethereal vocals, a powerful sax performance and hypnotic synth arpeggiations that result in an overall contemplative atmosphere, “Birth” is driven by calmingly melodic storytelling.




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