Alesso Releases Groovy Three Track ‘Hypnotize’ EP

Alesso has just released his three-track Hypnotize EP, highlighting the groovy house side from the Swedish producer. Zig-Zig was previously released and saw big approval among fans.

The Hypnotize EP marks a gentle departure from Alesso’s recent exploration of progressive house and pop-infused sounds. ‘The Rhythm of the Night’ skillfully intertwines a nostalgic dose by incorporating the iconic sample of Corona’s classic original single, seamlessly weaving it into Alesso’s contemporary dance fabric. Demonstrating his unmistakable talent, the project showcases Alesso’s ability to blend his emotive signature style with diverse electronic music elements such as techno and progressive house, while also delving into the underground electronic music scene.

This much-anticipated release follows Alesso’s captivating performance at Coachella’s DoLab stage, where he debuted under his new alias Body Hi by Alesso. It signifies the inception of a multi-dimensional expansion and merely the initial chapter in Alesso’s broader narrative. Body Hi, the moniker behind his recent Coachella appearance, is poised to evolve independently throughout the year, indicating a fresh and exhilarating trajectory for Alesso. This expansion underscores not only his prowess in crafting chart-topping hits but also his ability to nurture a holistic artistic vision.




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