‘Influence’ A Podcast About Advertising From WeTransfer

A new Podcast called ‘Influence’ explores the history and takes a deep dive into the culture and climate of advertising. Providing a retrospective look at the events which have shaped the advertising industry into what it is today through conversations with leading minds, it is brought to us by WeTransfer and hosted by the companies insightful COO Damian Bradfield.

The series will feature in all 8 episodes, and with each nearing an hour-long it is a worthy listen for anyone in the advertising industry as well as those with a curiosity of how you get sold to by Advertising. Through this unique insightful setting, we get to hear some of the industries greatest minds share unique perspectives on historical events, cultural trends and discuss important shifts in consumer behaviour whilst examining the ways they have shaped today’s advertising industry. 

Each episode welcomes esteemed guests with prominent roles in and around the advertising and media industries. The inaugural episode features Wireds Editor-In-Chief Nick Thompson who discusses the power of Facebooks Ad Machine, exploring narratives around its incredible power to influence in elections and media distribution. On the second episode, Damian sits down with Pelle Sjoenell, the former Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at BBH ( Bartle Bogle Hegarty) and now Chief Creative Officer at Activision Blizzard. Meanwhile, episode 3 features prominent culture writer Kate Hutchison, who is the Co-Founder of Lasso, and “The Shelf-Care” Show for a discussion on the power of selling through sex in today’s climate and some of the questionable ethics of the past.

If you deal with creatives in your day to day there’s a high chance you have received a link via WeTransfer, however if you are unfamiliar with what the company does – they grew their presence as a file-sharing platform regarded for its efficiency with sending big files, however have since transformed into a suite of tools that support creative work including new platforms such as PastePaper, and Collect.

While some users pay for personalised pages, many of their download pages are high-quality full-screen ads known internally as ‘wallpapers’ and users don’t often even realise they are being sold to with these thanks to their unique approach to creative design. So to celebrate the industry of advertising, WeTransfer has taken a deep dive into the industries that relies on it to give us some unique insights and perspectives.

Speaking on the launch of “Influence’ WeTransfer said, “We hope that this series will evolve to encompass many of the people that have helped to shape the advertising industry, as well as those that will be responsible for shaping the future.”

Listen to Influence: Exploring The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Of Advertising




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