‘All In’ Is Your Favourite New Business Podcast

Jason Calacanis, Chamath Palihapitiya, David Sacks and David Freiberg have turned their poker squad into the world’s best new podcast. The title; ‘All In’ is a play on words relating to their poker group.

The four businessmens’ resumés speak for themselves. Involved in Facebook, PayPal and early investors in companies such as Uber, Robinhood, Trello, SpaceX and Airbnb – these guys know what they’re talking about. With programs such as CNBC and Yahoo Finance always itching to have these guys appear, we now have hour long unfiltered segments with them all together.

While the hosts are heavily involved in the business world, the topics of conversation do not sway that way. The foursome discuss trending topics and provide their educated and experienced opinions on matters. In most recent episodes, they delve into politics – primarily who will win the upcoming election.

The podcast, unlike many others – will not have ads and any agendas. In a nutshell, these four are simply having discussions on what America should be doing. With America not in the best state right now, they delve into the many facets on how to get the world and America back on track, from a business/investor point of view.

5 episodes in and the podcast is already rising in the charts and due to a shout-out through HyperChange; they’re set to continue to grow, deservedly so.

Anyone who is interested in tech, business and everything inbetween – this is a must listen.

Below you can listen to Episode 5 which explores topics such as WHO, America vs China, 5G chips and the reopening of schools throughout the hour and a half.




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