Adobe’s Ann Lewnes: Billie Eilish Partnership, Finding Missing Children & More On CMO Podcast

If you have an interest in start-ups, marketing or digital advertising then The CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Podcast is a business-minded interview series that you need to add to your listening list.

Hosted by Jim Stengel who is the former CMO of Procter & Gamble, the largest marketing company in the world. Each episode sees him sit down with one of the industry’s leading CMO’s to reveal insights, strategies, and stories from the biggest companies and most successful marketing minds.

Even if you are not in the industry, there’s much to be learned from these inspiring individuals and the shows esteemed host. Building a brand is a unique craft that requires a combination of instinct, intuition and creativity. This episode we want to bring your attention to is an insightful listen with Anne Lewnes of Adobe.

When she joined Intel it was a billion-dollar, when she had left it was worth over $40 billion. She’s been at Adobe over 12 years and has helped transform it into one of the biggest technology companies on the market. As well as oversee its digital expansion, she talks about their collaboration with Billie Eilish and how they helped to find missing children through leveraging their experience in digital technologies.

Aside from learning about how she went from a budding journalist to high flying industry figure at two of the biggest technology companies, she reveals some of the more relatable ways she enjoys life too. Opening up on her favourite TV shows and revealing music is a vitally important part of her life, naming one streaming service with a green icon as her absolute must-have app.




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