Charlamagne Tha God Sits Down With Jay Shetty

Social Media’s most famous blue-eyed Monk, Jay Shetty hosts the “On Purpose” Podcast featuring thoughtful interviews with personalities from all walks of life.
 In this episode, he sits down with an outspoken and eccentric Radio personality, Charlagamane Tha God. You probably know him as the co-host of the Breakfast club or the guy who interviewed Kanye West in probably his most controversial to date. However, he’s also written books, hosted various TV Shows and overcome many obstacles to get where he is today and his story is interesting and eye-opening.

In the hour-long episode, these two thought leaders get deep. Charlagamane discusses how he found a better path after his early behavior led him to be put in jail 3 times, busted selling weed and coke by an undercover cop and finally while being in car during a shooting, leading his father to refuse to bail him out for 40 days.
 Turning his life around afterward he joined night school and eventually began a pursuit of a rap career. However, by a stroke of luck, he found an opportunity to intern at a radio station called Z93 which ultimately lead to his more than 20-year career behind the mic.

In the episode he also discusses what he feels his purpose is with his platform to influence change now, focusing in on removing the stigma around mental health.
 Discussing the issues he faced such as Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD and how they took a toll on him, he goes on to highlight that he began healing at 38 only when he started to confront it by going to therapy. This message is what he also wrote his recent book about, titled Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me which he explores his own issues and also recruited a clinical psychologist to help breakdown the issues he explores from his own experience in a scientific manner.

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