5 Best Law School Podcasts to Sharpen Your Skills

As a lawyer, spending your free time can be tricky. You could be watching movies and working out, you could be traveling and trying out new foods, or… you could be doing all of the above while sharpening your law skills. In the end, you decide how you spend your free time. But why not spend it learning something new since this could be highly beneficial for you? Before jumping to the subject (and showing you the best law school podcasts to listen to), here’s how attending law school can change your life.

What Are the Benefits of Attending Law School?

Choosing a career in law comes with many benefits. Below you can find the most important ones. Check them out and let us know what you think once you’ve gone through them. We’ll later show you what the requirements to get into law school are.

You’ll develop a wide set of skills, including problem-solving, analytical thinking, reading, and writing to name a few. You’ll also develop research thinking abilities which are required in many industries. Plus, you’ll learn how to review contracts. Law school will also train you on how to deal with conflictual paperwork so that you’re always ready to solve such inconvenient issues. 

If you’re in for the social changes you could make, you’ll have plenty of opportunities. Your law degree will help you contribute to important social changes and take real-life action. You could be later working for an NGO, as your soft skills will go through the roof. Law school will teach you how to listen actively. While some of us only listen to reply, you’ll actually empathize with your clients. They will feel respected and cared for. 

You’ll develop effective entrepreneurial skills. As an attorney, you’ll be able to make your own schedule and work whenever you want. Plus, you’ll be able to run your own business. You will learn how to negotiate and resolve conflicts as well as delegate. Delegation is one of the most important skills of becoming a successful entrepreneur. When you want to take some time off, you can delegate your work to the law essay writing service by Writix and relax instead. As a lawyer, learning how to delegate is crucial, so if you need help with your work, you can always ask. 

Think about the law – and how much we interact with it. By developing a better understanding of the law, you’re understanding your legal rights in more depth and helping others understand theirs. Plus, your network will quickly expand as a lawyer, so you’ll be able to help even more people. 

Top 5 Law School Podcasts You Should Listen To

1. I Am the Law. This podcast specially designed for college students in need of advice. This podcast will help you find your passion and thus, your area of specialization.

2. Life of the Law. How do we interact with the law? What’s the life of a lawyer look like? What legal concepts dictate our lives? Find the answers by listening to this podcast and signing up for their newsletter.

3. Thinking Like a Lawyer. Listen to 30 minutes’ worth of content each day to get a better understanding of how lawyers think. Will help you with info about current legal topics.

4. The Digital Edge. For those passionate about both tech and law, here’s your go-to. This podcast is sponsored by the American Bar Association (ABA).

5. Opening Arguments. If you need more information about a legal topic and don’t have it yet, you might find it here. An episode is usually an hour long.

How Can I Get into Law School?

Getting into law school might sound challenging but in reality, it’s not. That, if you’re determined to put in the hard work and are ready to succeed. Here are the requirements of attending law school in the U.S.

  • Understand WHY you want this. Why do you want to become a lawyer? Research the role of a lawyer. 
  • Get your bachelor’s degree.
  • Pass the LSATs by making sure you’re studying hard in advance. 
  • Write a concise personal statement. Your personality must stand out. 
  • Obtain letters of recommendation and start applying to law schools.
  • Analyze your career goals and pick the school that best fits your needs.

Wrapping Up

Getting into law school is easy once you figured out the application process and know exactly what your goals are. Buckle up, this is only the beginning. You’ll have to put in continuous hard work to be the best. You’ve got this, good luck!




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