Tech YouTuber MKBHD Launches ‘Waveform’ Podcast

Having just ticked over nine million subscribers on YouTube, Marques Brownlee otherwise known as MKBHD is one of the top, if not best technology YouTubers. From reviews of phones to an in depth ‘Autofocus‘ car series, Marques covers a wide range of technology.

His next endeavour is a podcast, the word has been on his lips for the past couple years and now, with the help of friend and MKBHD producer Andrew Manganelli – they have officially launched ‘Waveform’.

‘Waveform’, which is being produced in conjunction with the influencer agency Studio 71, marks one of the first major non-YouTube projects Brownlee has taken on.

As expected. the podcasts delves into technology in its first episode. However there’s plans to talk more video games, sports and music in the future. The first episode sees Marques and Andrew discussing the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note 10, upcoming phones and what is expected to come in future episodes.

“I’m excited to launch ‘Waveform,’ which will explore everything from tech news and new products to the videos that surround them. You can also expect some behind the scenes tips on running a tech channel and maybe even some unfiltered takes that don’t make it to YouTube.”

Next up for Marques is also hosting a original YouTube Premium series co-produced by Vox titled ‘Retro Tech‘, in which he spotlights one iconic piece of vintage tech in every episode alongside fellow YouTubers, educators, and inventors.

‘Waveform’, is unfortunately not available on YouTube yet but is available anywhere where podcasts are!




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