Elon Musk Returns To The Joe Rogan Experience for New Episode (#1470) Talking About His New Baby, Selling His Possessions And Corona-virus

Just after the birth of his child with Grimes, Elon Musk has returned to Joe Rogan’s podcast for an epic two-hour conversation. The last time Elon appeared on the show was back in 2018, in which Musk smoked weed causing TSLA stock to fall 8% – this episode in question is the most viewed in Joe Rogan history, by quite a bit.

In this new episode, Musk and Rogan talk his new baby and how he and Grimes came up with his complicated name – Xae-x12, as well as comparing a child’s developmental process to Artificial Intelligence, Musk’s recent decision to sell almost all of his material possessions, including his houses – one of which was owned by Gene Wilder. Musk dives into how he plans to focus on getting people to Mars, and his ultra-productive lifestyle which seems him covering various different sectors including SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, Boring Company and his other interests.

Watch or listen to the new episode below on YouTube or listen on Apple Podcasts here.




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