Podcast: Gary Vee Gives $1,000 To A Caller To Fly To LA

The rise of the modern entrepreneur in the social media landscape has led to a wave of self-made millionaires showing off on Instagram and simultaneously a hoard of charlatans who sell get rich quick schemes to those wishing to live that dream.

The often misunderstood Gary Vaynerchuck is not one of them, but more so a guardian angel who’s made it his mission to help those find their path to happiness and success, through nothing but hard work and patience. 

Vaynerchuck is the highly respected CEO of Vayner Media an agency which represents the likes of Toyota, Quaker, Bud Light, and Johnnie Walker. He’s an outspoken personality who has used his social reach to teach budding entrepreneurs what it takes to succeed. Having created a community in the millions across his Podcast, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram he’s constantly jumping on calls with his dedicated followers to share valuable insights. With his to the point attitude and no bullshit mindset approach, he often serves them up with a slice of reality, but in this call, we hear how he gives some cold hard cash to let one hopeful get a new start. 

Despite his often explicit language, he’s a source of positivity and he shows that off in this episode with a young budding videographer who tells Gary how he’s stuck in his hometown living with his mum who’s unsupportive of his goals. So what does Gary do, in a rare moment he decides to give him $1,000 to fly to LA and start again. 




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