Sam Dian Drops Funky EP “Blue Desire”

French singer-guitarist Sam Dian’s latest EP “Blue Desire” blends old funk grooves with modern songwriting.  Each track on the EP has something unique to offer.  “Sailing” lays down a booming drum beat, which rhythmically interacts with a electric baseline and filtered guitar riff. “Movie Star” paints a golden-age, Hollywood scene, borrowing the piano and string sounds from the disco era. The song’s title track, “Blue Desire”, has an undeniably chill vibe.  It features laid-back, muted guitars and electric pianos.

The 28 year old artist grew up in the bustling city of Paris, exposed to all of its cultural and musical diversity from a young age.  Dian says this is why his music has elements of so many genres, influenced by the sounds of Hip-hop, Jazz, and Funk.  In his latest EP, “Blue Desire”, he masterfully blends all three.