Skrillex Returns With Starrah & Four Tet Collab ‘Butterflies’

The first original music from Skrillex since 2019 has arrived. ‘Butterflies’ sees Skrillex join forces with Starrah and Four Tet.

The track highlights Skrillex’s penchant for collaboration and curation pairing his dynamic and nuanced production with two of music’s most credible and respected artists. Highlighted are Skrillex’s glitchy vocal chops that have been every present across his discography. With heavy house elements, ‘Butterflies’ seems like Skrillex’s foray into the genre, but of course with this own spin.

“We made most of this track in February last year while I was in LA and then in the last few weeks we got the arrangement and mix right,” Four Tet wrote on IG“It was finished only a few days ago and you can hear it now on Spotify and apple and Youtube etc etc. There is an extended version on beatport that I’m particularly happy with. Working with Sonny and seeing his cosmic level Ableton skills in real time has been amazing and huge respect for how crazy good he got the mix sounding. So much detail went into this one. Feels so good to have it out there.”

With years of rumors of a new Skrillex album, he has recently confirmed he has plenty of finished tracks which may finally indict an album of sorts to come soon.




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