747 Wants To Connect On The Dancefloor with his “While My 303 Gently Weeps” EP

Since his 2015 debut as 747, Ryan Chan has carved out a special place in techno with his throbbing, acid productions. Last year, when the world was placed on hold, the multifaceted producer seized the opportunity to start working on his next original project. The result is a 4-track EP that features a somber take on his distinct acid techno funk. From fast-paced acid synths coupled with hazy kicks to introspective melodic cuts, his latest marks a thunderous return for the Vancouver-based talent. While My 303 Gently Weeps EP is out now across all streaming platforms via Aquaregia Records.

My hope is that if you ever hear this on a dance floor in the future, you and everyone around will be in sync and be feeling the same type of way about the track.” – 747






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