Vikkstar, Masked Wolf, & Jme Join Forces On The Epic Release ‘Know Me Better’

Get ready for the ultimate sonic blast as Vikkstar, Masked Wolf, and Jme team up to drop their latest track, “Know Me Better,” launching on Monstercat Instinct and officially out now. Vikkstar, not just a YouTube sensation but also a skilled musician, joins forces with the viral Masked Wolf, famed for his hit “Astronaut In The Ocean,” and U.K. grime icon Jme, to deliver a fresh dance music anthem.

With an energetic house bassline laid down by Vikkstar, “Know Me Better” is designed to get you moving. The track perfectly complements the edgy rhymes of Masked Wolf and Jme, making it a must-listen for anyone looking to energize their playlist – it’s an experience that promises to keep your feet moving with its irresistible beats and powerful lyrics.

The excitement doesn’t stop with the music. A high-adrenaline music video accompanies the release, featuring a thrilling storyline with a masked assassin, high-stakes action, and a mysterious finale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Filmed in stunning locations, from dense forests to urban rooftops, the video is a visual treat that enhances the track’s appeal.

This collaboration marks a milestone for all involved, bringing together a trio of powerhouse talents whose combined charisma and musical expertise light up the scene. “Know Me Better” is a declaration of artistic synergy that’s set to make waves across the globe. So turn up the volume, and let Vikkstar, Masked Wolf, and Jme take you on an unforgettable musical journey.




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